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Sat. Feb 24, 2024 9am–2:30pm

Public Event Kitchener Seedy Saturday - Info Here
Sat. March 16, 2024 11am-1pm Public Event Waterloo Seedy Saturday - Info Here
Sat. April 13, 2023 10am-12pm Workshop Veggie Garden 101 & Clay Garden Marker - Info Here

Sat. May 4, 2024 10am - 12pm

Workshop Flowers: How to Plant for Continuous Blooms
Sat. June 15, 2024 9am Workshop Mushroom Day; Seed Bombs, Pollinators and wildflowers - Info Here
Sat July 13, 2024 10am-12pm Workshop Garden Maintenance and glass birdbaths
Sat. Aug. 17, 2024 10am-12pm Workshop Canning Jar Decoration and Quick Pickle Preserves
Sat. Sept 28, 2024 10am-12pm Workshop Late Garden Harvest, and late planting - Info Here

Soil is the most important thing.
Monty Don